Friday, June 4, 2010

Elaine's Commencement Ceremony

Well, it is official. Elaine is now a high school graduate! Congratulations, Elaine!

Today was her commencement ceremony from Arts Academy in the Woods. It was actually a combination commencement ceremony and performance, which is what you would expect from an arts high school. There were dance, instrumental and vocal performances in between the awards and speeches. It was actually much more entertaining than your typical graduation ceremony. After commencements, we went to the Shogun Japanese restaurant in St. Clair Shores for dinner, which was both entertaining and delicious.

Here is our high school graduate! Students with a vocal major had the light blue cord around their necks.

...and here she is again, sans the dorky cap and gown. The caps and gowns are disposable now, which is probably a lot easier than coordinating doling out and retrieving caps and gowns from a bunch of seniors.

Elaine with Christopher and Carol Lynn. Yes, they are all happy to see her make it out of high school.

Elaine and Robert.

Robert also performed in a blues trio where they improvised a piece that was amazing!

Here we are at Shogun. The roses are courtesy of Grandpa Jim, from his rose garden.

Here is our chef, Ben, showing off his spatula juggling skills.

You cannot tell from this picture, but beneath the flames is an onion volcano. Flame on!

Elaine, Dennis and Robert waiting for food to be served.

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